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    Best Electrician in BHAGALPUR

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    096089 12829
    195, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812002
    Listing Title
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    079039 72793
    MD JUGNU, Khalifabagh Chowk, Shah Market, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812002
    Listing Title
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    099340 78080
    Hatia Rd, Bank Colony, Tilka manjhi, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812001
    Listing Title
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    076328 07115
    Khalifabagh Chowk, Shah Market, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812002
    Listing Title
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    097333 47438
    Bus Stand, Amarpur Rd Bhagalpur Amarpur, Road, Sihuri, Bihar 813101
    Listing Title
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    91+70913 52621
    PRAMOD KUMAR, Shah Market, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812002
    Listing Title
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    098522 21835
    Munna Battery, Bounsi Rd, near Mujahidpur, Tilkamanjhi, Thana, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812002
    Listing Title
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    095468 13655
    268, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812002
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    070041 51221
    Pakur, Bhagalpur, Bihar 812002

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What kind of repairs can an electrician from Duty Hour do?

    You can hire an electrician from Duty Hour website for all minor electrical repairs or replacement (fans, lighting, fuses, etc) and major electrical work up in your home or office.

    What is the advantage of booking an electrician from Duty Hour?

    Following are the advantages of hiring an electrician from Duty Hour: Customer protection of upto Rs.10000 against damages (no insurance on cash payment) Verified and trustworthy professionals Service guarantee

    Are your electricians trained?

    Yes. All the electricians who have been registered on the Duty Hour website are trained, experienced and verified.

    What kind of electrical services can I expect from the electricians in Bhagalpur?

    Trusted and skilled electricians offer a wide range of services. The service list of a professional electrician includes
    • Repairs and fixes of electrical issues
    • Repairing and maintenance of the existing electrical system
    • Electric wiring and rewiring
    • Landscape lighting
    • Installation of electrical instruments
    • Earthing
    • Electrical upgrades

    How do I book electrician services near me in Bhagalpur?

    You can book from Duty Hour website and browse through the categories of electrician service provided by Duty Hour. Click the service you need, choose your date and time preference. You will be asked to make a payment for the service, you will get service at your doorstep within 90 minutes.

    What is not included in the price?

    Duty Hour has transparent policies when it comes to pricing. We list out prices of the time spent by the electrician on the website service page even before you book the service. Here is what is not included: Electronic appliances repair Time spent in the procurement of material will be included in work hours

    What is the minimum price to avail the service?

    There is no booking amount or service charge. We do charge a minimum amount of ₹99 if you do not avail the services of the electrician and only want the advice of an expert on the problem you are facing.

    What is the charges of professional electricians in Bhagalpur?

    The charges of hiring professional services of an experienced electrician depend on the type of services required by the client. Generally, the electricians charge a minimum fee from the customer as inspection charges. The inspection charges or visiting fee varies from one expert to another and location as well. However, the visiting charges are included in the electrical repairing cost in Bhagalpur or the spare parts cost in Bhagalpur.

    Is it possible that, I provide the electrical parts to the electrician which is required to be replaced?

     Yes, you can either provide the electrical parts or ask your electrician to get them at the time of replacing the faulty device.

    Is there a service guarantee?

    There is a service guarantee of up to 30 days if you book an electrician from the Duty Hour website.

    Does electricians provide emergency services in Bhagalpur?

    There are a few of our electricians in Bhagalpur who provide 24-hour emergency services. For that Open the Duty Hour website and browse through the categories of electrician services provided by Duty Hour. Click the service you need, and choose your time preference. You will be asked to make a payment for the service, you will get service at your doorstep.

    I have a problem at 10pm. Can the electrician come?

    Yes. We provide expert and verified electricians post 8 pm (till 11 pm) at an additional charge of Rs.150 only over and above the standard charges.

    I need an electrician in my office. Can that be done?

    Yes. You can book an electrician from the Duty Hour website for any location that is convenient for you. It can be your house, office or any other location you would need help in.

    Can I do my own electrical work?

    We do often indulge ourselves in minor electrical work, like changing a light bulb or a tube light. While there is nothing wrong with that we do suggest booking an expert for anything above. Even getting an electrician for minor work is a good idea just so you are absolutely sure you get it right.

    Will I need to move out during the work?

    No. You do not have to move out of the house even for major repairs because our experts utmost care to keep the environment safe.

    I have bought the equipments that need to be replaced. Can the electrician do it?

    If you have bought the appliances that just need to be fitted, an electrician can definitely help you with it. If for any reason you doubt which appliance to exactly buy, we advise you to wait for the electrician to get it himself/herself.

    What is an LED light?

    Literally LED means Light Emitting Diode. The reason why they are so called is because it emits energy in the form of light when current passes through the diode. They are extremely energy efficient and is slowly becoming a standard in household and offices.

    Does electricians in Bhagalpur help me to change LED light panels?

    Yes, our all electricians provide installation services for electrical equipment such as lights, fans, geyser, etc.

    Why does the LED light of my hall fuse in every 15 days?

    A wiring fault could be the reason for frequent fusing of the LED panel. An electrician can help you resolve the problem by detecting the exact fault which fuses the LED.

    Can the electrician help install smoke detectors?

    Yes. Electricians can help you install smoke detectors or any electrical items that need proper installation and supervision.

    Does electricians change AC sockets in Bhagalpur?

    Yes, our all electricians are trained and professional to replace and install internal and external wiring along with all types of switches that include the AC switch.

    My light makes a humming sound. Is there a problem?

    One of the reasons why the light may make humming noises is when they are going bad and need replacement soon. Also, be sure to use the correct form of light for the fixture to avoid such noises.

    Why do my lights constantly burnout?

    Most of the time when lights burn out, they may be too big for the particular application which turns the light hot burning them. If the light bulb size is correct for the particular fixture, there may be a faulty or loose electrical connection.

    Half the power in my house is out while the other half is working. Why?

    The main switch electrical panels in the house are divided to avoid an increase in load. Some of your appliances work on half of the main panel, while others work on the other. An electrician can help you figure out the problem with the panel that is not working and solve this issue.

    Which type of electrical wire is the best for internal wiring?

    We Duty Hour recommend copper wires for internal wiring due to their high durability and reliability.

    How can I lower my electric bill?

    Having to deal with a rising electrical bill can be quite stressful. Here are a few tips that can help: When not in use, keep appliances like lights, fans, TV and other switches off Buy appliances with high energy star ratings Get minor repairs of electrical nature done instead of ignoring them Buy high energy efficiency lights

    Does an old panel effect my electric bill?

    Yes, an old panel can result in higher energy bills. With age, meters can develop loose or damaged connections that can create energy loss.

    I was overcharged. What can I do?

    If you feel you were overcharged and are not happy in any way about the service, do give our customer care support centre a call. Duty Hour specialists will be very happy to fix the problem for you.


    Online Electrician in BHAGALPUR

    In this day and time, we are completely dependent on electricity. Even a power cut of 20 minutes gets on our nerves. Any small breakdown or malfunction can affect our everyday schedule, jolting it to a standstill. In today’s time where 24 hours don’t seem enough, it becomes difficult to extract time to get such problems fixed. Searching for a reliable and licensed electrician in Bhagalpur, India becomes a task. At the same time, any electric faults can’t be left unattended. Such a situation can be frustrating but don’t worry, Duty Hour is one solution to all your problems. Duty Hour connects you to the best electricians in Bhagalpur, India.

    Why get an electrician from Duty Hour?
    • Doorstep repair: Duty Hour provides doorstep electric repairs within 90 minutes.
    • Reliable Electricians: Duty Hour’s licensed electricians are background verified and properly trained.
    • Insurance: Duty Hour provides protection against damage upto INR 10,000.
    • Post-service guarantee: Duty Hour provides a 30-day post service guarantee.
    Electrical services in Bhagalpur, India offered by Duty Hour
    • Repairs and fixes: Get your electric faults/electrical devices repaired at your home with the tap of a button.
    • Electricity breakdown: Electrical services in Bhagalpur, India provided by Duty Hour can take care of any such breakdowns.
    • Electric wiring: Faulty wiring is risky and can’t be left unattended. Get the best electricians in Bhagalpur, India to get your home re-wired, at affordable rates.
    • Installation service: Get any electrical appliance installed at your home in Bhagalpur, India. Duty Hour’s electricians in Bhagalpur, India provide the best electrical services.
    • Electrician on demand: It includes 30 minutes of electrical services at home in Bhagalpur, India.
    • Full-day Electrician booking: It includes 8 hours of electrical services.

    Bhagalpur, India remains flooded with various kinds of migrants who flock to the city for education and professional opportunities. Hence, our electrical services remain popular among the residents who want to find electricians in Bhagalpur, India and don’t want to get into the hassle of searching for an electrician in the local market of the c Even though there are a number of electrical companies in Bhagalpur, India, availing customised requests or hiring an independent electrician still remains a problem. Duty Hour ascends in such a scenario to save the day by providing the best electricians in Bhagalpur, India without any hassle. You can easily get online electricians in Bhagalpur, India, at your convenience and at best pricing.

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