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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I book Duty Hour plumber services near me in Brahmapur?

    Open the Duty Hour website and browse through the categories of services provided by Duty Hour. Click the service you need, choose your date and time preference. You will be asked to make a payment for the service, you will get service at your doorstep.

    Does Duty Hour provide plumbing services at home in Brahmapur?

    You can book doorstep plumbing services in Brahmapur at Duty Hour. You can choose from variety of services that will help with any problems related to toilets, sanitary work, bathroom fittings, pipelines and pumps, bathroom water filters, blocks and tap leakages.

    If I book Duty Hour plumber technician in Brahmapur, then how much time it will take to come?

    Duty Hour plumbers in Brahmapur provide a doorstep repair within 45 minutes. But it also depends on Brahmapur traffic and distance.

    How much do most Duty Hour plumbers charge per job?

    The cost of a plumber ranges from ₹150 to ₹1000 for a typical job. This can include jobs like repairing faucets, toilets, sinks or bathtubs. Actual plumbing charges are Depending on the job.

    Does your Duty Hour plumbers in Brahmapur, are reliable and well professional?

    Yes, our team of plumbers in Brahmapur, are well trained and very efficient in giving satisfactory output at reasonable plumbing cost.

    What about the new materials or fixtures that may be needed?

    It totally lies at the client's discretion. You can yourself get the material according to your choice or ask the professional to procure the same. The time is taken by the professional to get the material will also be included in the working hours.

    What if no services are availed, how much will I be entitled to pay?

    If in case no services were availed, you just need to pay the professional a visiting charge.

    Is there any guarantee on the service provided?

    Yes, a 30-day guarantee is provided on all plumbing services.

    Who is a plumber?

    A plumber is a person who is a trained professional for the installation, cleaning and maintenance of potable water and sewage or drainage systems.

    What does a plumber do?

    Plumbers install, repair and maintain water or gas pipelines in commercial or residential places.

    What are the visiting charges of a plumber?

    The visiting charges of a plumber can be anywhere between ₹200

    What service does a plumber offer?

    A plumber offers faucet services, sewer line services, water heater services, leak services, toilet plumbing, sink/washbasin plumbing, and such other services.

    Do you need to book a plumber in advance to get their services?

    Yes, most plumbers are readily available to work for you when required but there might be instances of them being busy someplace else. Ensure to call in advance and book their services to get help at the earliest. Duty Hour can help you find contact details of the plumbers around you.


    Online Plumber in BRAHMAPUR

    Our life comes to a halt when there’s some problem with the plumbing, which can range from a minor leaking faucet all the way to a major pipe leak. With all the work, you hardly get any time to find a reliable plumber at reasonable rates. Duty Hour’s plumbers in Brahmapur, India provide a doorstep repair within 45 minutes. A 30-day post-service guarantee is provided. Also, Duty Hour provides protection against damage up to INR 10,000. Duty Hour ensures that you get the best plumbing services in Brahmapur, India.

    How are Duty Hour Plumbers different from local Plumbers?

    While every time you book a local plumber, you remain sceptical about the kind of person who is entering your personal space. At Duty Hour, all the plumbers are background verified. You don’t need to worry about your safety as it is important to us. Duty Hour is the place where you get reliable plumbing from.

    What plumbing services Duty Hour offers?

    Any kind of obstruction in plumber fitting, such as a clogged pipe or running toilet, can bring your entire schedule to a standstill, while at the same time disrupting your normalcy of everyday life. Given that materials such as pipes and cisterns, which are used in building your living space, come with an expiry date, you need to keep them updated and in a working condition. Some materials or machines require constant maintenance while others require replacements and fixes. Duty Hour plumbers in Brahmapur, India provide the best plumbing solutions. Professional Plumbing Services offered by Duty Hour

    • Installation: Local plumbers charge high prices even if the service availed is just a top installation. Get your plumbing installation done by the best plumbers in Brahmapur, India and that too, at great prices.
    • Repairs and fixes: Getting a jet spray repaired doesn’t have to be inconvenient now. You can get a plumber at home in Brahmapur, India at your preferred time. Book a plumber repair service now!
    • Replacement: You can get a flush tank or toilet seat cover replaced easily and efficiently.
    • Cleaning: Now, you don’t have to overthink cleaning your water tanks. You can sit back while Duty Hour’s professional plumbers in Brahmapur, India do the task for you. Get your underground/overhead water tanks cleaned at affordable rates.
    • Plumbers on demand: This consists of a 30-minute plumbing service. You can get any plumbing service done at an hourly rate.
    • Full-day plumber booking: This includes 8 hours of plumbing services.
    Common Plumbing Problems
    • Leaky Faucet: A dripping tap can be annoying and getting a plumber to fix a leaking tap can be difficult. You always have the option to shut off the water or cover it with a rag but if you can get Duty Hour’s Plumbers in Brahmapur, India, why not get it repaired?
    • Clogged Drain: Clogged drain is a nightmare to everyone. You can clear small blockages with the help of boiling water but it won’t solve the problem for a long time. Unclogging can be expensive but you can get the drain unclogged at reasonable rates from Duty Hour.
    • Running toilets: A running toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water. Get the best plumbing services in Brahmapur, India to repair such internal leaks.

    You can leave your plumbing issues with the best plumbing services in Brahmapur, India. Duty Hour plumbers at home are here for you providing you with quality plumbing.

    Plumbing Maintenance
    • You should know the location of shut-off valves.
    • Before getting any drill holes in the wall, make sure there are no drainage pipes behind the area.
    • Make sure you don’t flush things like sanitary napkins, diapers, tissues, etc.
    • Clean your sink regularly to prevent clogging.
    • Don’t ignore faucet/toilet leaks.
    • Clean your showerhead regularly to remove mineral deposits, if any.
    • Once in a while, run hot water through the drain to keep it clean.
    • Make sure you don’t throw vegetable peelings, or starchy foods in the kitchen drain.
    • While doing your own plumbing, don’t over-tighten the fittings as it may result in a puncture.
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