Bad Boy

Let's make this world easy and accessible to everyone. And always try to fill the GAP with your CREATIVE WORK
10 Years

Lets keep it SECRET !!

Really Bad Boy !! But good business man. Lazy, creative, good ideology person. He always have ideas for everything. All in one solutions for all problems.

Hard working guy with great vision. He is a self made entrepreneur who works for the ease of life towards society with a goal to make things available in its easiest form to each individual. 

Leadership Skills

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Started various Startup & Organisation. Approx. 10 Year experience in Startup & New Businesses.

  • Call Centre
  • Online Grocery
  • Job Portal
  • Local Shop 

Note from Bad Boy :
Very few of us know that good idea needs great execution. And I am experienced guy in execution with lots of creation idea and super vision to think of ahead that a normal guy. I am highly passionate about our work which we are performing at Duty Hour. We continuously try to improve our product and service experience. We are open for all types of complain and suggestions.

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