Good Boy

The role of a Manager is to supervise and lead a company's operations and employees. They perform a range of tasks to ensure company productivity and efficiency including implementing business strategies, evaluating company performances, and supervising employees
5 Years

Good Boy's Biography

Capable to handle all the shit. Highly capable to handle entire team. Five year work experience with great managerial ability. He is constantly managing all operations of the company. He implement strategies to ensure productivity while also evaluating how well the business performed on various tasks within a specific time frame.

He is responsible for leading and supervising employees to ensure productivity efficiency of operations and providing direction on how best to handle different tasks while maintaining customer satisfaction. He help implement strategies that will help generate revenue or profitability.

Cleaner Skills

Problem Solving Skill
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Managerial Abilty
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Worked in various organisation. Approx. 5 Year experience in Startup & New Businesses.

  • Insurance
  • Pharma
  • Grocery Start Up
  • Develop goals and objectives that tend to growth and prosperity
  • Design and implement business plans and strategies to promote the attainment of goals
  • Ensure that the company has the adequate and suitable resources to complete its activities (e.g. people, material, equipment etc.)
  • Organize and coordinate operations in ways that ensure maximum productivity
  • Supervise the work of employees and provide feedback and counsel to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Maintain relationships with partners/vendors/suppliers
  • Gather, analyze and interpret external and internal data and write reports
  • Assess overall company performance against objectives
  • Represent the company in events, conferences etc.
  • Ensure adherence to legal rules and guidelines

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