“Duty Hour” is a famous Ranchi based beauty parlour that offers most popular beauty & beauty services. We have academy for training for beauticians, with special courses such as advanced cosmetic course, professional course that includes hair, make up, nails, skin care, body lotion, facial skin care, spa treatment etc. It offers best beauty services to its customers. Among all services offered by “Duty Hour” are hair salon at me, barber at home, beauty parlour at me, manicure at me, pedicure at me, facial at me, manicure, pedicure, spa treatment at me. In short, we offer most specialized beauty service to our customers and we are proud of our service and ability to offer a complete solution for each individual customer. We are also committed to giving the best services to our clients.


“Duty Hour” is a leading Ranchi based beauty parlour that offers most popular beauty services of men & women. It has been operating since 1986. The academy and training of beauticians provide practical experience to its new trainee beauticians and help them to gain experience while providing specialized beauty service. They provide hair spa and hair treatment services and give best results to its clients.


“Duty Hour” has various types of services to offer to its clients. It caters to hair salon needs. The training of its trained beauticians is excellent and they are equipped with the latest tools and equipments. Their services are also covered under the category of hair salon services and thus they offer discount services to their customers.


The beauty salons at Ranchi offer various beauty services under different categories like International beauty salons, Indian beauty salons, beauty parlours, beach beauty parlours, etc. All these salons have one goal and that is to serve their customers in the best possible way. They keep their prices low and provide services with utmost efficiency. The training of their staffs gives them good knowledge about their field and also about the competition in the market. As a result, they offer competitive service charges to their customers.


These beauty parlours in Ranchi provide services to its clients under different categories like manicures, pedicures, cosmetology, etc. Many times, these parlours may even provide home based beauty treatments to their clients. Most of the times, people prefer to go for an appointment before taking a family tour or on a business trip. They also provide beauty treatments during weekend break and on holidays.


Some beauty salons in Ranchi offers day long services to its clients along with manicures and pedicures. Such services are called as morning beauty parlours. These salons offer a variety of services like hairdressing, manicure, pedicure, etc. Most of the times, you can find these services offered by day time salons also.


Day time beauty salons generally offer home-based service to its customers. Some beauty salons also provide a hair spa service to its clients. Hair spa service is quite popular among many clients. During this service, a customer can easily style their hair and look younger. Many of these parlours also offer pampering services such as massage, manicure and pedicure for its customers.


Before selecting a beauty parlour services in Ranchi, you should also consider its service charges. The service charges vary according to the service they provide. Thus, it is recommended that you select a salon whose service charges are within your budget. You should also check whether the salon provides free tips for its clients.


Before selecting a beauty salon, it is also advisable to check out the reputation of the beauty services in Ranchi. Reputable beauty services ensure that their workers are qualified and experienced. They also offer various beauty services at competitive rates. When choosing a beauty salon, make sure that you visit the salon personally so that you can know the quality of its services. You can also inquire about the types of services offered by the beauty salon.


When you choose a beauty salon, ask for the various beauty services they offer. You should also check out their past customers. Check out if the beauty salon has received good certificates and recommendations from other people. If your beauty salon offers treatment at competitive rates, you will definitely get the best service. In addition, the atmosphere of the beauty salon makes the customers feel comfortable.


It is very important to find a beauty salon that offers its services at reasonable rates. There are many cheap beauty services available in the market but these services may not be very effective. Also, you should also choose a beauty salon that has trained and knowledgeable beauticians who can perform all the beauty services properly. If you are planning to travel to Ranchi, you can ask your relatives and friends for advice regarding beauty services.