A journey to the North of India, Kabadiwala in Ranchi is a place that you will not want to miss for its amazing beauty and magical charm. The hotel is located at a close proximity to the railway station, the airport and major bus stand which provide a lot of convenience for your travel in the city. The hotel has one room available in the Swagatheer locality where you can just have a wonderful view of the mountains from the room window.


The rooms available in this hotel are well furnished with all the luxuries of life and also the modern facilities. The rooms have television sets in the rooms along with telephone lines, internet connections and in addition they also have beautiful suites and rooms available on the first and second floors. You can choose the rooms according to your requirements and your budget. The hotel has a garden and a swimming pool.


There are two restaurants in the hotel that serve continental as well as Indian cuisines. The restaurant serving local Indian food is also very popular. You can order for dinner in the restaurant or can just take a snack to go with it. The hotel offers room service as well as room reservation for those who wish to enjoy their stay more.


The spa is located just 6 km away from the hotel. The hotel provides a wide range of spa services for body massage, face massage, facials, yoga and Pilates. It has a sauna and steam bath tub with high pressure jets. There are heated towel bars, hair dryers, shampooing stations and hair styling counters. The salon services offered by the various hotels in Ranchi include manicures and pedicures, electrolysis and tanning.


The resorts and hotels in Kabadiwala provide services for sports lovers as well. There are tennis courts at the resort, golf clubs and horse riding. Other activities that can be enjoyed during leisure time include swimming and snorkeling. There are also casinos and rakhiya at these resorts.


The Rose Resort is located near the railway station and bus stand. There are a variety of amenities provided at this resort, including a conference room and an indoor pool. There are separate rooms for singles, families and groups. These resorts are located close to the railway station and bus stand.


The Taj Mahal Hotel is located close to the resort and is one of the best ones. The hotel offers all kinds of facilities including spa, gym, conference and other meeting facilities. The pool has Jacuzzi baths, spa baths and sauna.


The Taj Mahal Hotel has many restaurants located near it. The Taj Mahal Hotel provides good value for money, with excellent services and food. The Rose Resort is located near many places and is a good choice if you want to enjoy a quiet and peaceful stay in Ranchi. The hotel offers various spa services and sports clubs. The hotel is one of the most preferred and beautiful hotels in India and is rated with the highest possible grade.


The El Palace Hotel is one of the finest options available. This hotel is located near the railway station and the airport as well as the famous tourist spots. The hotel has a spa room and excellent dining options. The hotel offers free breakfast and tea on arrival. The restaurant offers continental, South Indian and Sambarthi food and also Chinese and continental food.


The Ashok Hotel is one of the most famous spas in India. It is located near the railway station and is close to the major bus stand. There are separate rooms for singles, families and groups. The Ashok Hotel offers spa services and various other services including swimming pool, gym, games room and bar.


The Sheraton Fort is one of the best spas in India. It is located near the airport and is close to the major bus stand. The hotel offers good quality spa services and excellent cuisine.


These are some of the famous spas in Ranchi. There are many other luxury hotels and resorts offering various spa services and spa packages in India. There are many websites that offer good deals on spa packages and other services. You can also compare prices and packages offered by these spas in Ranchi.